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Educator’s Resource Center

History, Social Studies and Geography


American Historical Association

“The AHA is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1884 and incorporated by Congress in 1889. As the largest historical society in the United States, the AHA provides leadership and advocacy for the profession, fights to ensure academic freedom, monitors professional standards, spearheads essential research in the field, and provides resources and services to help its members succeed. The AHA serves more than 14,000 history professionals, representing every historical period and geographical area.

American President: An Online Reference Resource (Miller Center of Public Affairs)

A comprehensive collection of material about all of the Presidents of the United States. The site contains essays about each President and their lives before, during, and after their Presidential terms. It has essays of the Presidents at work as well as the history and evolution of Presidential duties.


This site of the Biography Channel of the A&E Television Network presents biographies of famous and historical figures—past and present. This information includes segments such as: videos, people, topics, games, television, and born on this day.

Founding Fathers Info

Devoted to providing information about the people and events dealing with the founding of the United States. It has categories containing the major founding documents: notably, the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and other Amendments to the Constitution. Other categories include American flag history and the history of the American people from discovery and colonization to the end of the American Revolution. In addition, the web site has pictures and quotations of the Founding Fathers, as well as questions and answers about them.

History Matters (U.S. Survey Course on the Web)

Created for high school and college teachers and students of U.S. history survey courses. It was developed by the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning (Graduate Center of the City University of New York) and the Center for History and New Media (George Mason University). The site includes the following categories: many pasts “(1,000 primary documents in text, video, and audio),” advanced search (documents organized by topic, time period, key word, or type of document), making sense of evidence (strategies for teaching, with interactive exercises and a guide to traditional and online sources), www.history (guide to more than 850 web sites for teaching U.S. history and social studies), and other segment resources.

My Hero

A web site designed to present an internet archive of hero stories around the world. Authors of these stories include both children and adults. A Teacher’s Room segment contains lesson plans, and resources (specifically, tutorials, support materials, newsletters, and links for teachers). The site is targeted at students from kindergarten to college.

National Archives

The National Archives is the nation’s record keeper that possesses and protects the records of the U.S. government. Its web site includes an Education and Students category, which is a digital classroom that uses the resources from the National Archives collection, including prints and pictures. Educators have access to lesson plans and information about making copies of federal records available to students. Students also have access to information based on American history.

National Women’s History Project (NWHP)

NWHB is an organization formed to promote understanding of women’s contribution to U.S. history. Its web site resources include a segment on the women’s rights movement. A “teacher’s lounge” presents suggestions to help teachers show students how women in history have made an impact on students’ lives today. The site includes links to web sites in such areas as politics, art and music, aviation, math and science, and peace and war.

Smithsonian Education

The Smithsonian Museum, which consists of sixteen museums, more than 100 affiliates, and seven research centers, has online resources with information about art and design, history and culture, and science and technology. The Smithsonian Education web site contains lesson plans dealing with these resources. It also provides a guide to field trips to its museum sites in different areas of the United States, describes its professional development programs for teachers, and shows the educational resources available at its museum sites.

>World History

Best of History Web Sites

Contains links to over 1,200 history web sites. It includes links to K-12 lesson plans, teacher guides, activities, games, quizzes, and other items. Sources can be selected for prehistory, ancient/biblical history, medieval history, American history, early modern Europe, modern history, World War II history, history today, art history, and oral history. The site also includes general resources and maps.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

The web site, developed at Fordham University, contains full texts of medieval sources according to type. Sites are organized by Church Councils; Church Fathers; Late Antiquity; Byzantium; Islam; Monasticism; Historiography; Modern Historiography; Literary Texts; Medieval Thought; Medieval Spiritual Writing; Governmental, Administrative, and Legal Documents; Renaissance Texts; Reformation Texts; Catholic Reformation Texts; and the Early Church Fathers.

National Center for History in the Schools (NCHS)

The mission of the NCHS is: “(a) to aid the professional development of K-12 history teachers; and (b) to work with teachers to develop curricular materials that will engage students in exciting new explorations of United States and world history.” The site contains segments on history standards and teaching units (U.S. history teaching units and world history teaching units).

World History for Us All

A comprehensive model curriculum for teaching world history in middle schools and high schools. Curriculum contains teaching units, lesson plans, activities, and resources. Curriculum enables teachers to survey world history without excluding major peoples, regions, or time periods. The site is a project of San Diego State University in cooperation with the National Center for History in the Schools at the University of California at Los Angeles.


Geography by Enchanted Learning

This site has information for elementary and middle school children. It has information on the continents, flags, explorers and numerous other topics all having to do with geography. The information is easy to access and includes map printouts, crafts, and quizzes to make learning fast and fun.

Library of Congress (Map Collections)

Map Collections from the American Memory collection of the Library of Congress contains maps of cities and towns, conservation and environment, discovery and exploration, cultural landscapes, military battles and campaigns, transportation and communication, and general maps.

Xpeditions (National Geographic)

The web site of the National Geographic Society contains segments on lesson plans organized by geographic standard. An activities component focuses on student learning about conservation effects. Atlas maps have many print-friendly items. Xpedition Hall is a virtual museum, in which the reader can go on geographic journeys.

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